About Us

Welcome to Alt Shift Corp

We are a group of professionals, each with approx 20 years plus of experience, getting together to serve you with our combined experience.

We have worked with each other at various points in time, for several years at a stretch. Our career paths and hunger to learn drove us into different directions – different countries and continents.

Currently we are separately managing clients in Europe, Australia and South Asia. We now offer our capabilities under one umbrella – Alt Shift Corp – for North and South American Continents, with primary focus on USA.

We Solve Your Challenges

Things are not enough, not even in the land of plenty.

Not enough time – to re-discover, re-invent and re-attune.

Not enough solutions & ideas – Un-scalable, Closed, Low quality, Low usability, Low longevity, high cost.

Not enough workforce – not motivated enough, not efficient enough, not effective enough, not productive enough, weighed-down workforce.

Our services collectively solve all above customer challenges in digital space.

What’s in a Name?


Alt and Shift are modifier keys on a computer keyboard. When pressed, they change the behavior of all other keys. That’s what we do with the business of our clients.

We are corporate yet young and energetic in spirit, driving things differently to the extent of shifting paradigms.