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We offer a unique learning and working environment.With a global outlook and a vision to keep our employees delightful, we continuously coach, mentor and motivate you to give your utmost best to your clients. You get to be the driver of your career and future. We are the best enablers and facilitators to make it happen for you. With highly experienced HR leaders in our team, we are committed to offer path breaking perks and benefits.

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Career Services

We offer career services to our consultants. We provide guidance and help you explore, help you get ready and help you change your career path.
Now start building your career, decide what you want to be, create a plan, and work the plan. Our experts are here to help make a custom plan for you.

Soft Skills

While your technical skills may get your foot in the door, your people skills are what open most of the doors to come.
Your work ethic, your attitude, your communication skills, your emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes are the soft skills that are crucial for career success.

Stand out, Fit-in

Immigrants - still trying to get around american culture - get guidance. Learn how to blend in and work well with clients.
Demonstrate your willingness to embrace other cultures, gain knowledge about various aspects, while still loving your culture and not being afraid to show it. We are here to help.


Starting 2017, we plan to offer a benefits package equivalent to Fortune 500 companies - Medical, Dental, Vision, Flex etc
As a startup, we just need just 3 employees to start this. Apply with your friends and if you join we can start early.

Targeted Jobs

We all know that square pegs do not fit in round holes. We do not force-fit you into job requirements.
We search for a job you want to do and makes logical sense to you as per your goals, skills, & aspirations.


As a C-corporation, we are not only compliant with all State Federal & Immigration laws of the land, but we will also keep you so.
If you are an immigrant, we always keep your status legal & current. We are proactive and do not wait till the last moment.

Rolling Appraisals

Annual Performance Appraisals are based on 12-month periods from your date of joining. It’s not linked with company’s financial year.
No more getting short-changed if the company is not doing good. If you are doing good, you grow. Period.

Periodic Reviews

We do quarterly reviews which roll up to annual appraisals. Salary increase is based on your individual consistent performance in all quarters.
We also take quarterly feedback from clients via a client satisfaction survey.


We are committed to provide great perks, specifics of which are not listed here. Let us just say - they would be innovative & worth the wait for 2017.
Once you successfully complete a year with us, you get eligible for a host of unique benefits and perks. Talk to us to know more. There are exciting times ahead.

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Be what you want to be. This is your path to success and contentment.

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