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On Site Inputs

This app is a comprehensive tracker for construction workers. Crew and office staff alike  stay on the same page using the app. Crew inputs info when out in the field on various construction sites. Everyone else receives the most up to date information. Progress monitoring is real time. Along with updates, a lot of helpful [...]

Learn Language


This is an app to learn Japanese language dialects Hiragana and Katakana. Used alike by kids and adults, it makes learning a new language easy, intuitive and fun. With all the bright colors, there is never a dull moment, in learning an unknown (as yet!) language.

Mobile Commerce


A mobile commerce app for a chain of stores in Brasil. Built using Magento in Portugese and Spanish, it is customised online store in line with the requirements and needs of the client.

Fitness App

A holistic employee engagement app that's designed to create happier workplace by rewarding employee for being healthy and contributing to company's success in different ways. Easily customisable to align with company's rewarding strategy.