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Alt Shift Corp | Refer A Friend

/Alt Shift Corp | Refer A Friend

Refer A Friend Scheme

With so many people unemployed or underemployed, those of us with good jobs should help our friends get their foot in the door. All you need to offer is an opportunity, and if your referral is qualified, they’ll take it from there.

You may have a good job today, but that could change in an instant. Down the road, you might be the one who needs the referral. If you’ve helped others in their job search, they’re more likely to want to return the favor.

Even if your job includes elements you don’t like, don’t assume your friends will feel the same way. A not-so-perfect job for you could be a dream job for them. And with a referral from you, they might just get a running start.

Refer & Both Get Paid – You & Your Friend

Please email us your and your referee’s details at

Please include your full name and contact details.  Later on, we would need your photo ID and bank account details to make the payment.

Regarding your referee, please include Full Name, Phone Number, Email Address, LinkedIn Profile URL and a brief  paragraph about how you know the referee and to what extent can you vouch for his professional performance.

Please read the following frequently asked questions for details about the scheme. If you have queries about the scheme, please write to us or talk to us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this Refer-A-Friend Scheme, following words shall have the following meaning:

a. Candidate means an individual who is currently registered in our database.
b. Scheme means Refer-A-Friend Scheme.
c. Referrer means anyone holding a valid US Driving License who voluntarily participates in the Scheme by referring an eligible friend or relative to become a Referee. Referrer may or may not be an employee of the company.
d. Referee means a person who is not an existing Candidate of the Company and who has given his/her approval and whom the Referrer has referred through the Scheme.

This referral scheme encourages you to refer yourself, your friends, relatives and former colleagues known to them as candidates who after clearing the interview process join our consulting team.

Anyone holding a valid permanent US Driving License can refer. Even you can refer yourself.

Firstly, they should have a valid work permit for USA.

Secondly, they need to be in IT and project management domain in any industry.

Their geographical location does not matter. They can currently be anywhere – within USA or outside USA. We work in all 50 states of USA, so they will be posted in USA.

All revenue generating IT consulting positions are applicable under this scheme. Positions in non-revenue generating departments like HR, Recruitment, Finance, Accounting are not eligible for this referral scheme.

We follow up on your referral and put him through our recruitment process. The recruitment process ends when he joins.

After your referee joins us, for your payment, you need to wait for qualifying event 1 which is 25th working day for him excluding leaves.

After your referee join us, for his bonus, he needs to wait for qualifying event 2 which is 75th working day for him excluding leaves.

Amount depends on the annual salary that we decide pay to your referee.

For a base salary of less than $ 75,000 per annum, the referral amount is $ 500.
For a base salary from $ 75,001 to $ 125,000 per annum, the referral amount is $ 1000.
For a base salary from $ 125,001 to $ 175,000 per annum, the referral amount is $ 1500.
For a base salary of more than $175,001, please contact us to discuss.

Your Referee gets paid the same amount as you.

You get paid after qualifying event 1 and he gets paid after qualifying event 2.
Qualifying Event 1 is 25th day of attendance, and qualifying event 2 is 75th day of attendance.

This policy is effective from 9/22/2016 till 3/31/2017 or for first 50 hires, whichever is earlier. This policy would be reviewed every 3 months or as and when need arises, for revisions and accuracy.

You can keep checking career pages on our website for latest job listings. However, you need not wait for a suitable job listing to refer your friends. We will keep your reference till 09/30/2017.

Validity of a referee will be for 6 months from the date of referral. In case of duplication from multiple referrals, the first referral would be considered. In case of conflict, the declaration made by the referee on the job application form will be the deciding factor. In case of counter claims, our recruiter may ask for supporting documents to decide the source.

Hmm, we like that question. Don’t worry we roll out the red carpet.

After 5 of your references join, you become an Ambassador, and after 15 of your references join, you become a Promoter. Ambassadors and Promoters follow a different referral scheme, with different (hint: higher) referral amounts and perks.

As per Indiana state law, there are no gift taxes. So both you and the company need not worry about it.